Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hi Parents,

It has already been a great start to our first day! I wanted to clarify a few things that I will revisit later on our open house night.

In your child's homework folder, there is a yellow homework sheet.  This homework sheet will stay inside their homework folder and be taken out on Fridays with a new one placed in it on Mondays. On this sheet, I will write reminders of any upcoming events and your child will also be writing their homework daily.  On the back of this yellow sheet is a reading log.  I HAVE NOT discussed this log with your child yet, but I will early next week.

As for homework tonight, students have two things written down.  The first is to simply just bring back their homework folder and the yellow homework sheet inside it.  I want them to form this habit, so that will be their main form of homework this week.  Also, every child has a "me bag."  Each "me bag" has a different due date.  Please see the bag itself for that due date.

Thank you for sharing your youngsters with me.  I am so glad to be back in this great community!   Please let me know if you have any questions before we meet again on Sept. 15 for open house.

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Mrs. Fier

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