Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Conferences

Dear Families of Room 306,

You are invited to sign up for Fall Student-Led Conferences.

DATE: November 5, 10, and November 11
PLACE: Room 306 – our classroom
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: End of day 2 days before each conference day

To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:

At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should
enter B03174470

If you come on Tuesday, November 11 (Veteran's Day) please note that you will need to come to our back door by the walker's path. The front doors will be locked.

In addition, conference slots are 15 minutes. However, when you arrive AT your scheduled time, you will spend the first 30 minutes with your child, looking over their portfolio and other work they have to share. After those 30 minutes, you will scoot over to me to further the conversation.

If you do not have internet access, please send me a note with requested times. Also, if you do not see times available that fit your needs, please let me know, as I would be happy to add spots.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Maine Map Activity

Maine studies is our major focus for fourth grade.  Students explore the connection between Maine's geography, natural resources, and major industries.  To begin really exploring this unit, students will be using a blank Maine map to study the major landmarks and landforms found throughout our state. Today, we really began to use books about Maine and a detailed Maine map to learn more about these features!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Permission Slips

Hi Families,

There are TWO permission slips going home today.  One is for our field trip next Monday, Oct. 27 and the other is for a field trip in early November.  Please get these back to school as soon as you are able.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hi Families,

In our extra math time this week, kids have been busy at work creating math cootie catchers!  This has been a fun way for us to review skills and vocabulary terms that are new or need a review.  Together we generated a list of ideas of types of questions to ask on your cootie catcher and then independently, students chose which questions they would ask of their peers.  Here are some pictures of us in action playing a fun game while we practice math!

Story Elements

Today's Focus:

Describing the setting

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rain Gauge

In our Maine Studies Weekly Newspaper, we began looking at Maine's climate and the variety of weather we receive in Maine.  We were inspired by their idea of a rain gauge that they showed us.  Before looking at their example, we took today to be creative and think of our own ways to measure the precipitation we get here in Yarmouth, Maine!  Everyone's young mind was busy thinking and each partnership had creative, fun ideas!  Here we are at work:

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hi All,

(sorry for the third post today)

Kids are SO excited about blogging.  I love their positive energy!  We still have more to learn and practice, so I have asked that for two more weeks that your child does not log onto KidBlogs to post anything.  We will also discuss what things would be okay to post about while at home.  This will never be a homework assignment, but an option for students who want to!

Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Potato Leek Soup
From Yarmouth School Nutrition Program
Served at Yarmouth Elementary School using their school garden potatoes.

Makes six 1 cup servings

2 pounds of leeks, leaves and roots removed
4 cloves of garlic, minced
4 tablespoons unsalted butter (or dairy free substitute)
1⁄2 pound of Yukon Gold Potatoes
1⁄2 pound of Red potatoes
4 cups of vegetable broth (gluten free)
White Pepper
Small bunch of fresh chive or parsley, finely chopped

1. Slice the leeks in half length-wise then cut in 1⁄2 inch pieces. Break apart in a bowl of water and let the soil sink to the bottom. Remove the leeks from the water, rinse well and shake off excess water.

2. In a large stockpot melt the butter on medium-high heat and then add the leeks and 2 teaspoons of salt, stir. When the leeks begin to sweat reduce the heat to medium low and replace the cover, check occasionally and stir to be sure the leeks are not browning. They should simmer in the liquid of their own juices for 10 minutes.

3. Add the minced garlic to the leeks and stir, cook for an additional minute.

4. While the leeks are simmering, scrub the potatoes well under running water and retain the skin. Dice into uniform small cubes. Add to the leeks and garlic and stir.

5. Add enough broth to the pot to just cover the potatoes. Any additional broth left over should be saved for the step of pureeing.

6. Bring to a simmer and then cook on medium-low heat until potatoes are cooked through. Do not overcook or it will yield a grainy potato.

7. When the potatoes are done, turn off the heat and puree the contents using an immersion blender, the easiest method. You can also use a counter top blender or food processor. Be careful transferring hot contents.

8. Adjust the consistency of the soup with additional broth to your preference.

9. Next, taste the soup and adjust the seasoning to your liking, adding additional salt and white pepper.

10. For service, be sure the soup is hot or, in the warm weather months, serve cold as Vichyssoise. Top each serving with finely chopped chive or parsley.

Math Homework

Hi Families,

I just wanted to remind everyone that math homework is meant to reinforce skills we have practiced in the classroom.  WITH fact practice, I expect each student to complete 20-30 minutes of math homework.  When practicing with a worksheet or study link, I want to remind you that if your child seems overly frustrated, please do not have them continue on.

Thank you!