Monday, November 10, 2014

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day posters

  • Line 1: Soldier
  • Line 2: Four words describing what a soldier is expected to do
  • Line 3: Who feels . . .
  • Line 4: Who needs . . .
  • Line 5: Who fears . . .
  • Line 6: Who loves . . .
  • Line 7: Who thinks . . .
  • Line 8: Who believes . . .
  • Line 9: Synonym for "soldier"
Here are some of our poems (more published on KidBlog):

help others in need
who feels needed
who needs life
who fears dying
who loves country
who thinks faith in soldier
who believes in victory
By: Michael

Who feels gives them back up
Who needs lots of love when they’re anywhere
Who fears the lack of water and food
Who loves his family and country
Who thinks they’re going to win
Who believes in themselves and each other
By: John

A soldier is expected to do his job, help others, be kind to his comrades, and  protect his country.
Who feels scared for his family.
Who needs help after war.
Who fears for his country losing.
Who loves his country and his family.
Who thinks about winning.
Who believes that he will go home safely.
By: Levi

what’s expected of them, sacrifices, helps others, goes quickly, makes hard decisions
who fears, death of themselves and others,losing war, losing family
who needs, food, water, weapons, love, care, medicine, nurses
who feels, brave when fighting, scared when losing
who loves, family, job, country, friends
who thinks, I’m okay, I’m safe, believes in winning, faith in soldiers
who believes, win, safety for themselves and others, government will take care of them
By: Emma

to be really daring
  who feels to help everyone else
who needs nurses to heal them
who fears dying in war
who loves there family and friends
who thinks there the only that stands between there family
who believes they will always win
By: Liam

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