Thursday, April 9, 2015

Leo the Rabbit

Today in math we started some group work that we will be continuing throughout the year. We started with something less risky first-- they just had to share two things about themselves with every group member. Each member was responsible for knowing those two things about each member in their group! It went so smoothly and we were able to see why it worked so well. We then transferred this good work to MATH! 

Kids were assigned a math group today in which they were all the thinkers, but they each had roles on top of that. Here were their roles:

  • Captain: keep everyone on task
  • Resource Manager: get supplies and be the spokesman when you need to see Mrs. Fier for questions
  • Spy: when your thinking is stuck, check to see what other groups are trying
  • Communicator/recorder: report out the groups final work

Here was the problem:
Leo the Rabbit is climbing up a flight of 10 steps. Leo can only hop up 1 or 2 steps each time he hops. He never hops down, only up. How many different ways can Leo hop up the flight of 10 steps? Provide evidence to justify your thinking.

I'm excited to see the outcome when we finish tomorrow, but it is looking great!!

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