Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hi families,

Today we got ready to pay our taxes, which we know are due by April 15! Each student looked at their bank register (in which they have been tracking deposits and withdrawals since we began our class economy) and they added up all of their deposits they have had this year. We have made a lot of money!

Tomorrow we will look at the different tax brackets and each student will pay a percentage of their earned money to our town. It led to a great discussion about what taxes are and why we all pay them. The kids had lots of insight into what tax payers money supports (their ideas: schools, town buildings, parks, some jobs, roads and sidewalks) and they also had lots of wonders. Their curiosities were endless! I tried my best to answer their questions, but some questions I did not know how to answer, so don't be surprised if they come home buzzing about taxes :)

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