Friday, May 1, 2015

Connections to our Classroom Economy

Hi Families!

We have had a busy week at school and it's been a challenge to be out of routine, but as a result, we have had an opportunity to do a few other things.

This week, Dustin and Jeff from Norton Financial came in to talk with the students in our class about savings. We were blown away with how much background knowledge the students have and by how many raised their hands when our visitors inquired about how many of them have started to save!

With the help from our visitors, they worked together to solve some math problems about saving money. It tied in great with our work surrounding percentages and decimals!!  Here was part of the worksheet (we also worked through with a starting balance of $1000.00 and some kiddos challenged themselves by working out to year 7)!:

It was certainly fun to have them!  And aside from the kids also wanting to know what they do in their free time and if it was comfortable to dress up and wear a tie everyday, we did a lot of learning!  Thanks Dustin and Jeff!!

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