Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We have begun our plant unit for science and we have been observing our rapidly growing Wisconsin Fast Plants in our AeroGarden.  We will continue to observe these over the coming weeks.

Some fourth grade concepts we have covered so far include:
  • organisms have unique and diverse life cycles, but what they all have in common is birth, growth, reproduction, and death
  • plants and animals have traits, in which some are inherited from their parents and some are a result from the environment

This week we have been focusing our discussions and work around plant leaves, their purpose and shape.  This has also led itself into an introduction to photosynthesis! Here are some activities we have been working on this week:

1. We began this week in science by observing some photos of different leaves and observing the 
    differences that we noticed between them. 

2. Underneath the bright sun, we put our hands out and observed in which way our hands need to be in order to receive the most sunlight and compared this to what we know about plants! 

3. We went outside looking for any living plants to pick. We found an abundant amount of leaves sticking out of the ground right outside of our classroom! We used these to create beautiful chlorophyll rubbings! Here is some of their awesome work!

4. Finally, we watched a short video about photosynthesis through Study Jams

I'm excited for what the rest of this fun plant unit will bring! Next week we will talk more about how the environment influences traits and then think about animal group behavior and how it can increase survival.

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