Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Math Groups

Hi Families,

It came to my attention that as a whole class, we needed some more practice around place value, including whole number and decimal awareness.  Here was this week's group math task:

  • The kids received a list of place value terms in a random order
  • Together they had to organize these terms in a way that made sense to them
  • The caveat: 
    • For the first five minutes, no one could talk
    • After some time, I required some student to sit back completely and only observe their group working
    • Finally, I let them talk through it :)
As per usual in math groups, students were engaged the entire time! After they organized their thinking, we reported out not only on what they found, but also what the experience was like for them because this activity not only addressed math standards, but also added different elements to it.  

Here is what they told me:
  • Not being able to talk was challenging
  • Not being able to talk decreased arguing if that was something that their group had experienced in the past
  • Having to sit back and not do anything felt like they were in trouble
  • Sitting back helped us understand kids who are more quiet (they aren't doing nothing, they are observing their group)
We had SUCH great learning through this activity.  What a great group of students!

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