Monday, September 14, 2015

Math Updates


Today in math we looked at how to visualize numbers when they are represented by dots.  It is a different way to think about numbers, but fun! Students are able to see factors and multiples. By looking at each representation for a quick few moments, they look for patterns in order to remember what they saw. It was fun to learn how different we see and remember visual representations of numbers. 


We also started thinking about norms in math and what math class should feel like for everyone in our room.  Here is what the kids came up with so far in partnerships (and we will lump into categories tomorrow to make it a more manageable list):
  1. don't give up
  2. work hard
  3. have fun
  4. we make mistakes
  5. follow directions the first time
  6. take your time
  7. encourage others
  8. problem solve
  9. ask questions
  10. use your head (and make sense of math)
  11. erase
  12. fix things
  13. persevere
  14. be respectful of tools
  15. be respectful of classmates
  16. be helpful
  17. use self-control
  18. use whole body listening
  19. pay attention
  20. be focused
Their list impressed me and certainly makes me excited for math this year!!

Math homework
Lastly, we have started our routine for math homework today by introducing fact practice. Fact practice is nightly math homework where kids practice facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Here are some different strategies we discussed:

With a deck of cards with no face card:
  • Go Fish
  • multiplication war
Other ideas:
  • math games on the computer or apps
  • flash cards (have a stack of easy and hard facts and practice the challenging ones)
  • roll dice, + or x  the numbers
  • skip count
  • make a math fact poster
  • cribbage
Tomorrow we will add a study link to our math homework routine, but it won't always be a study link. Students and parents can also expect a worksheet or a KenKen to go home in place of a study link at times.

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