Friday, November 13, 2015

Fact Fluency

Hi everyone,

This week students took some time to reflect on their progress with multiplication facts. Everyone really examined which facts were still feeling quite tricky for them. Today in math, we had a fun class as we practiced facts in a few different hands-on ways without the computer.

First off, we created fortune tellers made with math facts and after they were created, students went around challenging each other. The facts on their fortune tellers were the hard ones that make us think a little longer. These are great to make at home!! We kept the ones we made here at school so we can use them again.

Second, we made fact booklets. You will see these in your child's homework folder. Use them as a tool to study!

Lastly, kids played multiplication squares. It's a game I played (without the math aspect) often when I was a kid. It was fun to share and they seemed to really enjoy it!

Keep practicing at home. Everyone is going to be an expert soon if we keep up this great work!

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