Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Verteran's Day Poems

Today in social studies, we paused our work with Maine's industries and took a look at understanding the role of veterans. Student showed a lot of good thinking and showed strong empathy.

Here are some of their beautiful poems:

Our Country Guards

Who protects our country from danger 
Who feels the danger of getting hurt 
Who needs love from other people 
Who fear of dying 
Who loves their family back home 
Who thinks about home 
Who believes in their country 


Veteran's Day Poem

helps the country
they need respect  from other
how fears the face of death
how loves the families at home 
how thinks of saving
how believes in wining



Who feels freedom coming it's way
Who needs love, courage and bravery
Who fears death or wounds 
Who loves their country and their family's smile
Who thinks about all the joy and freedom their country will have
Who believes in happiness and harmony



fight for more then them selves
who feels that they can trust each other
who needs more then they can provide
who fears they will lose
who loves is country
who thinks they can do it 
who believes they will win

You can see more by checking out their posts on KidBlog! Awesome work fourth graders!

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