Thursday, February 11, 2016

typing fluency

Hi Families,

I hope you are all ready for vacation!

Many students were feeling eager to practice their typing skills, so I have made accounts for them here. This is not something we will practice regularly in classroom (unfortunately there just isn't time), but many asked if they could practice at home. They will know their login information tomorrow and they are welcome to sign-on at home with your permission. It will help them to start feeling more confident about their typing skills whereas right now, typing can slow their thinking down.

Let me know if you have questions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Science Fun Planned for Friday

Hi Families,

Right now, we have finished our social studies unit and will be getting started with our life science unit very soon. Until we begin however, we are going to try out a fun activity Friday that connects well with our motion science unit that will come later this spring.

We need your help! Here is what we need:

25 balloons
10-12 straws
lego cars

Please let me know if you have balloons or straws that we could have! Also, if your child has lego cars, please have them bring an extra in case someone doesn't have one.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Punxsutawney Phil in the classroom

We had some fun with Groundhog's Day today!! 

Together, we read an article about the fun holiday and practiced the skills we have been learning about nonfiction reading. Everyone coded the text in a way that made sense for them (annotated) and then we pinpointed the important facts inside the article to help discover the main idea. We will extend this tomorrow by learning how to form opinions about different texts.

I think the students will agree that writing was even more fun! We started with the song What Does the Fox Say? (loved by some and disliked by others!) and then brainstormed: what does the groundhog say? It was cool to put ourselves in the "shoes" of a groundhog. I took brief notes on their ideas and then showed how to turn those notes into an elaborate sentence (which we have been practicing in writer's workshop), but the sentence was a talking sentence in which students practiced punctuating dialogue. There were so many creative ideas that floated around our room and the bonus was that we got to practice using quality words and punctuating dialogue!

We ended with a little coloring time!