Friday, September 9, 2016

Growth Mindset

Hi Families,

Yesterday we spent time learning about what a growth mindset is. This was a new concept for many students. The idea behind a growth mindset is that no one is born smart. Instead, we have the ability to try hard in order for our brains to grow and get stronger.

We read the book The Most Magnificent Thing and it talks about a girls who has a wonderful idea. She is going to make the most magnificent thing.  She knows just what to do to make it and she has all the materials. She makes things all the time, so she thinks easy-peasy! But making it isn't easy and she tries and fails, repeatedly. Eventually, she gets really, really mad. So mad that she quits. Her dog though (her assistant) convinces her to go for a walk and she comes back to her project with new enthusiasm and gets it just right!

After reading, we talked about the girl's struggles and how she overcame them and how that connects with a growth mindset. We also connected this to the classroom and how even when things get hard, I expect effort and a positive attitude! We modified the phrase "practice makes perfect" to "practice makes progress."

My hope is that each child works to challenge themselves this year and believe in themselves in ALL subject areas!

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