Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tonight's Homework Explained

Hi Everyone,

An explanation of tonight's homework: notebook decorations

By Monday, I am asking that students bring in flat decorations for their writer's notebooks.  We will be decorating in class on Monday afternoon.  These decorations need to include things that represent who your child is and what they like! Examples of things to bring in include:

  • stickers, 
  • photographs, 
  • images printed out, 
  • special scrapbook paper (for the background, but I will also have choices available), 
  • drawings,
  • washi tape,
  • postcards
Students will be required to have their name, so some may want to bring letter stickers if those are available at home too.  Please do not make any special trips out shopping... use what you have available.

Here are two examples of writer's notebooks that I have created in the past to give you a clearer idea of what we will be doing :)


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