Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Veteran's Day

Each year, I look forward to talking about Veteran's Day with students and celebrating our Veterans. It's a powerful holiday and many students have Veterans in their life, which helps them connect personally.

On KidBlog, they wrote poems this morning celebrating these brave men and women in our country! They blew me away with their compassion and empathy! Here are a few of them:

Fights for our country
Who feels so brave they will risk their on lives for others
Who needs a friend to help guide their way
Who fears letting down their country
Who loves fighting for others
Who thinks of others
Who believes in world peace
- Sisi

Fought in the army
Who feels good about winning
Who needs food and water
Who fears losing someone they love
Who loves family
Who thinks what's coming before them
Who believes in life
- Greer

                                          they help others                                          
who feels: scared
who needs: piece
who fears: death
who loves: good people
 who thinks: about good people
who believes: America 
- Alex E.

fighting in the air and sea
who feels the damage of the war and ship and body
who need food and water and friends 
who fears the death of people around them and losing their country
who loves their freedom, friends and family
who thinks about the worry of his or hers family
who believes in their countries freedom
fighting on the ground doing whatever it takes
- Alec

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