Monday, December 19, 2016

Homework This Week

Hi Families,

This week we are in transition with a reading and writing, which means we have new units to begin. These will begin after break, which is a great opportunity for us to work on some different things this week. For example, this morning we played this fun clue game in teams that practiced building quality complex sentences. We will also have an opportunity to have a guest reader (some of you may know Mrs. March, a retired fourth grade teacher) and do a STEM project with Mrs. Moll's second graders. I'm really looking forward to what this week will bring us!

In saying all that, I'm not handing out a homework sheet that you typically see each week. Each night, kids are expected to be reading and doing their fact practice if they have not yet mastered their facts. For math homework, we are taking each day one step at a time. If we have a hard working day, there will be no math homework and if it's a day with many reminders as a class, then homework will go home.

Let me know if you have questions.


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