Monday, May 1, 2017


Hi Families,

Last week Dustin (my husband), from Norton Financial came to visit us to teach the students about the importance of saving money and how interest works. He kicked off the conversation by asking the students what they may save money for, and they got responses such as, "video games, college, candy, and soccer cleats." They got to have fun thinking about what they would want to save for! Dustin then inquired what adults may save money for, and we heard, "house renovation, a new home, vacation, food, appliances." The students had a lot of insight into this topic. This led to discussing how people save money and why it's important. Many of them are already saving and have plans for that account!

After the introduction, the students eagerly headed to their seats to see just what interest looked like on paper. They used 10% with $100 and $1000 so it was kid friendly. Dustin did explain that 10% isn't accurate, but it's a percentage they know how to work with. They were curious what the accurate rate really is! We filled out the following chart that you may have seen come home in their folder:

Some students went beyond the worksheet to challenge themselves.

It was an insightful math period and a helpful connection to our work with our classroom economy! Students had a lot of remaining questions, like what CDs at a bank are and more. They also had A LOT of good learning as well. I hope they went home with questions!

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