Current Events Reporter

This is a fun classroom job that your child may have throughout the year.  The current event news reporter will share with the class about a news article they read during morning meeting. I really encourage students to find positive news around the world.  There is plenty of it out there!  The job includes:

1. Spending homework time to find an article about a current event in the news
2. Print the article (I can print for you, if you email the link)
3. Read the article and show your thinking on paper
4. Come to school prepared on Tuesdays to share with us what you learned.  You could do this by:
  • writing a summarizing paragraph and reading it to us
  • creating a presentation on the computer and sharing it
  • writing bullet points of your key take-aways and reading those to us

Please use the following links below to help you get started finding interesting news to share with your peers.

GoGo News
Time for Kids